The Benefits of Cork and Hardwood Flooring

Today there are so many different points of view concerning hardwood floor installation and its properties. Experts from Richmond Hill flooring company are always ready to help the customers make the right choice and select the best material for any part of the house. Here you have an opportunity to find all the benefits of cork and hardwood flooring in your house.

There are many benefits to cork flooring. There are benefits to the environment and there are benefits to the consumer. In a profound way these two areas of benefit coincide.

Cork is a renewable resource because it can be harvested every nine years. However unlike other renewable natural resources such as bamboo, hemp, water hyacinth, rattan and jute it is not necessary to kill the tree to harvest the resource. Cork comes from the bark of the cork oak and if removed correctly it does not harm to the tree. Cork oak forests cover 2.5 million hectares across the Mediterranean area providing habitat for a diversity of wild life and provides regular employment for many thousands of local communities who live in and near the cork oak forests.

The main use for the cork harvest has traditionally been to make wine bottle stoppers for the European wine trade. This is sadly changing. For some short-sighted commercial reason more and more wine bottle stoppers are being made from hard to recycle plastic.

Which is in contrast to cork which is easy to recycle. Evidence of this is the fact that several manufacturers of cork flooring use cork recycled from wine bottle stoppers. This is the first area of benefit of cork - namely, it is a unique renewable resource that is vital not only to the ecology of the Mediterranean area but also to the economy of many rural communities.

The Second area of benefit concering cork and cork flooring is related to the properties of cork.

Firstly cork has a honeycomb structure composed of tiny cells that are filled with an air-like gaseous mix. This cell structure makes cork very strong and flexible. The cell membranes are waterproof and airtight. Because of the hollow nature of cork it is very light in comparison to its volume. The cell structure gives cork its legendary elasticity and resilience. This elasticity makes cork flooring soft underfoot and able to withstand heavy traffic and heavy loads without marking, damage or denting.

The honeycomb structure of cork also makes it a great thermal and acoustic insulator. This has a two-fold benefit for cork flooring. Firstly the thermal insulation capacity of cork flooring means that the cork absorbs heat and retains the heat. Thus, in the winter cork flooring can help reduce heating costs. And secondly, cork flooring muffles sound unlike hardwood flooring which amplifies sound. The acoustic insulation properties of cork make it ideal for upstairs flooring because it helps dampen the noise of people walking around upstairs.

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